Your 2021 Resolutions (your must-have list for the year)

It has been an overly complex season of 12 months in the year 2020, especially during the outbreak of the Corona virus. For the first time in many years, the world experienced a major pandemic that affected virtually every nation of the earth.

A lot of disruptions, suspended plans, organizational downsizing, health risks, travel limitations and many other unpleasantness took place. There is a tendency to be weighed down and become dormant simply because one is not sure about the events that the next year may unfold. However, it has been clearly stated that failure to plan, is simply a plan for failure.

Resolutions for the year 2021 shouldn’t just be statement of “I shall” or “I shall not”, rather, they should be tangible and achievable goals, with clearly structured methods of achieving them.

The new year provides a great opportunity to start fresh with healthier and greater plans for your entire being

As 2020 comes to an end, it is important to start thinking ahead into year 2021. Have a strong mental picture of the new year, before converting them into writing. The new year provides a great opportunity to start fresh with healthier and greater plans for your entire being, which comprises your spirit, soul and body as well as any component attached to them.

Dimensions of resolutions you must have for 2021

1) Spiritual Resolutions: This contains the decisions you want to make towards improving your relationship with God. God is your creator and it is essential that you improve on your relationship with him. This may include an adjustment to your prayer schedule as well as other activities that enhance your spirituality.

2) Financial Resolutions: Money is the life wire on which every transaction on the planet earth survives. Therefore, it is important that your new year resolutions should include financial goals such as increasing savings, increasing income, increasing investments, reducing debts and cutting down unnecessary expenditure.

3) Health Resolutions: It is an undisputed fact that health is wealth. It takes a healthy body to live a fulfilled life. It takes a healthy body to enjoy the money you earn. Therefore, make sure that your health is included in your resolutions. This should include regular exercise, eating right, doing periodic medical checkups, quit smoking and having adequate rest.

4) Career Resolutions: Your chosen field of endeavors must have a different approach for you to make the most of year 2021. The mode of operations across many career paths have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19 19. In 2021, to boost your career, you need to get organized, work towards Learning a new skill / hobby or improve immensely on your existing skills, take professional trainings, read more, attend seminars and symposiums.

5) Relational Resolutions: No man is an island of existence. To make the most of life, we must engage in very meaningfully productive relationships.As we prepare to enter the year 2021, it is important to stay away from people who drain us emotionally and spend time around people who boost our esteem, people who make us better and people who make us feel loved.

I strongly believe that the year 2021 shall be an awesome year for you, even as you decide firmly today to shape the coming year into a good one, by making these resolutions.

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