What is the role of the government during a pandemic?

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There was always a debate on the government’s role during a pandemic. Citizens feel the need to stay aware of the government’s stance. The state government has a leading role in communication and cooperation during a pandemic situation for complete planning and control, along with other private and public sectors. The government is the central leader of the state. It’s the government that chooses the policymakers to deal with the pandemic situation.  

The role of government policymakers

The one that makes policies in a government has to face this pandemic with calmness to make plans and policies to handle it. Tranquility and humility are necessary because without them all their plans could be in vain. The government policymakers first keep an eye on the laws that are preventing health workers from responding to a pandemic. They must have reliable and complete information about the epidemic to make policies instead of lockdowns and shutdowns in public sectors because lockdowns aren’t the complete solution to any pandemic until a government plans to fight against it.

Preparation of society as a whole on a national level facing a pandemic

As a whole, a society’s approach towards facing a pandemic situation makes us aware of the significant role of private and public health and other sectors in lessening the impact of a pandemic situation. The government’s responsibility is to ensure the capacity for business continuation plans and study emergency plans to depreciate the pandemic’s influence. The government’s primary responsibility is to develop the activities in demand for society’s progress in pandemics like planning, coordination, communication, and ability development that is crucial and requires action on part of the entire community.

The role of the government administration authority

As all the sectors of society fulfilling their responsibilities in a pandemic preparation, the administrative authority is the leading central authority for all the planning efforts (in the Netherlands it’s called the Veiligheidsraad). For the central authority, the executive department should have to:

  • First of all, find, select, and provide a leading authority to plan pandemic preparedness and response. Set policies that are required to maintain and continue pandemic preparation, response, and facing ability development across all state sectors.
  • Arrange and allocate the target resources required to get the country’s goals and(?) pandemic preparation plans.
  • Produce additional sources for pandemic response measures, potential growth, and preparation.

At the individual level, our primary responsibility is to follow the government policies with due respect and always update ourselves about the pandemic status.

Final Thoughts: 

It’s not that all responsibility lies with the government of the state. The government only has to make policies to control and command departments. Still, some of the duties also exist for the municipal governments, health care departments, even including educational institutions. Media plays a major role in keeping the community informed about the pandemic situation. At the individual level, our primary responsibility is to follow the government policies with due respect and always update ourselves about the pandemic status.


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