What is right?

As we are now in this ‘corona-virus’ pandemic. Various critics, researchers and world-leaders around the world are stating different outcomes of their research till now.

I started questioning myself and having double thoughts about how different countries and even states in a country are thinking on how to attack this issue. Is it because of economic reasons some want to speed up the lift of the lockdown? Or is it because the peak of the virus has been reached and it’s dropping in huge numbers? Or is it just that the nation is protesting and there are elections awaiting which a prime minister obviously wants to win.

It worries me, that again self-gains, selfishness and self-interest are at hand. I can’t name it differently. I mean an economy, if this is the reason to lift the lockdown, can be restored in various ways but a human life cannot. A human life once gone is always gone. So my question is: what is right? Is the answer to this question not when there is scientific proof of what the virus is capable or incapable of doing? What are your thoughts?

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