A Talk With Meverly Adjhei Benjamin (A Virtual Book Launch)

Time for a talk with Meverly Adjhei Benjamin, Corporate Governance Expert, Author, Writer, Financial Analyst & Business Consultant. Meverly is releasing the new editions to her published books titled MY DREAM and The Chaos of Brexit this March. Alongside in this virtual interview is Ms. ABA, who discusses Meverly’s Journey with her. Meverly reflects on various aspects in her life such as; working in a job sector that is deemed more a “man’s job”, love, religion, relationships, family, life, divorce, cultural backgrounds, losing your job, and overcoming the pain in life to finding you. In this interview we see how a woman who had it all lost it and regained herself.

A serial entrepreneur who is also a super mom shows that there is life and light at the end of the tunnel. Not only does this book launch restore hope to people who feel they are lost souls lingering in the world, but readers can avoid making certain mistakes that Meverly made. These books serve as guidance for anyone who is soul-searching. Furthermore, Meverly shows that it is okay to not have all the answers at once. We all make mistakes and you cannot be hard on yourself if you tried your best and something goes wrong. She discusses having drive and believing in yourself, not forcing things that are broken, believing in your vision, educating yourself, and having faith that life will always fall into place.

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