The DOs and DON’Ts of migration matters.

The DOs and DON’Ts of migration matters.

Relocating to another country of your choice is such an interesting adventure that comes with its demands and rewards. It is very important that you keep yourself abreast of the facts that surround migration.

I will be sharing a couple of them with you.

What are the DON’Ts of migration?

1)Do not travel with false documents: We live in a world where the counterfeit of every original seems to exist, including travel documents, but this is a very risky path to tread. Do not fall into the trap of attempting fake passports, fake visas, fake bank statements or fake check-in slips.

2)Do not travel with borrowed money: There is a circulating myth that when you travel to a country with a better economy, you would make money, emphatically a lot of money to pay back any loan you took to make the trip. This is a fallacy that has put many people in trouble. Ensure your travel bills are not funded with borrowed money.

3)Do not travel based on vague promises: Whether it is a job or a residence, do not travel on promises that are not concrete. It is wrong for you to travel based on mere words from people who are in your proposed country of travel.

4)Do not travel for criminal activities: Beyond the crave to migrate, there must be a legitimate reason for your migration. Do not consider travelling for fraudulent activities or anything that is against the demands of the law. Why is this so? Stronger and stricter law enforcement agencies are in operation in every country with a robust economy to ensure no criminal goes unpunished.

5)Do not Overstay the period of your approved visa: Whatever timeframe has been approved on your residence/visa, ensure you stick to it. Overstaying your visa or residence permit could lead to deportation.

What are the DOs of migration?

  1. Plan Carefully: Migration demands very careful planning. It includes Financial planning, career planning, weather adjustments plans and much more. Count the cost of what lies ahead into details, and have a strategy to meet the demands.
  2. Book your tickets earlier: It is no longer news that booking your travel tickets much earlier offers you a lot of discount and saves you money. Taking advantage of this is a really smart migration bonus.
  3. Be culturally flexible: Every country has a way of life by which their citizens live. It is important that every migrant becomes culturally flexible to adjust to the lifestyle that is the norm in the country you are migrating to. This would include Language, food, and other cultural values.
  4. Engage the services of a migration consultant: The best way to be sure of what you are embarking on and to clear your fears of the unknown, is to engage the services of a migration consultant. A very renowned expert in this field is Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Consultancy Firm B.V. Even if you have no knowledge about migration, be rest assured that a migration consultant like MB Consultancy has got you covered.

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