The Blind Leading the Blind

When I started to write this, the thought that was the uppermost in my mind is how our leaders are misleading us all. As I said right at the beginning, we have been guilty in the past of trusting blindly the leaders and those in authority over us, just because they are in the position, they are in.

Now when we see what is happening in the UK, in America and in many other places in the world, perhaps we realize that if we choose a blind man to lead us, then our world will turn into darkness. Do we really know what people are thinking? Do we really know that we’re not being fed poison drip by drip, so that our hearts and minds are changed?

This is not a time for leaders who have selfish ambitions. What we need in our lives are servant leaders, not those who place themselves in power over us as lords. There is only one Lord, and that is the Lord God, and with him caring for us, there is no need for us to follow blindly in ways that may not be good for us. God has a plan for you, and he will be the one who will guide your destiny if you trust in him. You can be very much less certain of what will happen to you if you put your trust in human beings.

Now it is time for us to take back the power to ourselves.

Now it is time for us to take back the power to ourselves. I’m not suggesting that we use violence to take over the reins of power. With God as our Guide, we need to find a way to change the world in a peaceful and quiet way, and a way that is validated by goodness, fairness, and the desire to have all people treated equally. A movement has started in the area of climate change, where frequent demonstrations, many including children taking the day off school, to make a difference in the world that they will inherit. This is the kind of change that we need, and we also need to do what we know is good for us, and that is aligned with integrity on Christ-like grounds.

We need our children to wake up to the way that they are being governed, so that, just like the voice they have found in protesting against climate change, they will grow up being aware that they must not allow themselves to be blown like reeds in the wind, and that if they do not take an active part they will get the leaders that they deserve.

I myself worked in a system where I am little more than a cog in the great wheel of commerce and industry. I live in the 21st-century, but is my life any better in terms of how free I am than those slaves in ancient Egypt that we have heard described? Moses eventually freed those slaves, but even although they were now free men, they complained that in their slavery, at least they had had enough to eat!

It is true that whatever situation we find ourselves in, we can become accustomed to it, and accept it even although we shouldn’t. We become accustomed, but we certainly should not accept situations that are inherently bad for us.

If you are reading this it, then the chances are that, like me, you’re concerned about the way we’re being governed and the influences that there are on our lives. Of course, every one of us will be influenced by something. We cannot live in a bubble unaffected by anything around us, but we certainly need to question more.

Join your voice with mine to ask the question, where are leaders taking us? What kind of world are we leaving for our children? The time to wake up is now!

Meverly Adhjei BenjaminThe Blind Leading the Blind is a preview of Meverly Adjhei Benjamin’s forthcoming book. The series is designed to help you understand power structures in your country when it comes to the “System”. Read more about Meverly Adjhei Benjamin and discover her released books in her book store.


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