System vs the Creator – How can we protect ourselves against the system

As citizens of a country do we truly understand how the system works?

As citizens of a country do we truly understand the rules and regulations of the country we live in? The system as many individuals living in a country may know it, is the instilled rules which the citizens of that country must live by. Many believe that the system is here to protect us but how true is this?  In this cutting edge podcast that talks solutions, we come to understand that we are actually fighting against the system and not benefiting from it.

Presented in the book “The chaos of Brexit”, one is asked to question themselves on if majority carry the vote? Centred around a christian biblical background, Mark 13 verse 7-8, the connection between misery and degradation is analysed. Do our leaders always serve us well? Have they got our interests before their own? Should we just follow like sheep? Some answers are disturbing to say the least.

Listen here >> System vs the Creator

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