Planning your Life, time and Finances

Planning is fundamental in order to achieve our desires. Nothing happens on it’s own. All things that happen are made to happen. Success is the result of hard work and dedication of those who choose to make it work.

Planning is the mental work translated into writing, that is done ahead of any physical activity towards the achievement of a set goal. It involves thorough knowledge of the facts that influence the actualization of what you desire for your finances and life as a whole.

Before I share tips on how to plan your life, time, and Finances, let me tell you the benefits of planning. A good understanding of the advantages of planning will trigger you to take planning more seriously.

So, what are some benefits of planning?

  1. Planning gives you the confidence to face what is ahead of you.
  2. Planning helps you to measure the progress made in the course of your execution.
  3. Planning strengthens the mental picture of your desired outcome.
  4. Planning helps you to attract the resources that you need.
  5. Planning is an indication that you are responsible.

How do you plan your life, time and Finances?

  1. Segment your life into the most important compartments e.g., Spiritual, Financial, Marital, Career/Business, etc.
  2. Clearly define what you want to achieve for each compartments of your life, with realistic timelines attached to each of them. Timelines will help keep you on track because you will need to reflect on your progress. A tool that can help is the “SMART” method. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. For instance, what are the one-year goals, five years, ten-or twenty-five-year goal for each of these areas of your life?
  3. Find out and document what it takes to achieve each of the goals.
  4. Create a scale of preference for the goals. This involves an itemized arrangement of the goals in their order of importance.
  5. Delegate time to each of them according to the scale of preference.
  6. Be dedicated to continually giving yourself to the demands required for the fulfilment of the goals as stated in number 3.
  7. By all means, avoid distractions and time wasters around you.
  8. Seek professional advice to see your financial goals become achievements and apply them.

A profound professional financial adviser is Meverly Adjhei Benjamin. Engaging in her financial advisory services would elevate your financial and business life.

As I conclude, Roald Amundsen (The first man to reach the south pole, which is the farthest place on earth,) said, “the men that we call Lucky are the people who have taken their time to plan ahead any and everything that could go wrong and put in measures to ensure they don’t happen”. Luck, as the world calls it, can shine on you as often as you want, if you would be diligent to plan as you should.

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