Meverly Adhjei Benjamin
MB Talk!

The unseen war against Covid-19

Are you curious to find my expectations of the financial impact Covid-19 will leave behind? Are you trying to figure out how to survive financially

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Buying a house MB Talk!
MB Talk!

New episode of MB Talk! Buying a house in the Netherlands

What does it take to buy a house in the Netherlands? Join Meverly Adjhei Benjamin as she shares your options when it comes to buying a house in the

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Finances_Meverly Adjhei Benjamin
MB Talk!, Offers

Meet Meverly Adjhei Benjamin and learn how to stay on top of your finances

Meet Meverly Benjamin, founder of Meverly Adjhei Consultancy Firm B.V., a Dutch-Ghanaian corporate governance expert, author, writer, financial

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Tax Administration Deal

For only € 20, Meverly Benjamin Consultancy Firm B.V. helps you handle your tax

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Setting your Goals MB Talk
MB Talk!

Meet MB Talk! Setting Realistic Goals – New Year’s Resolutions

Listen to Meverly Adjhei Benjamin as she talks about setting the right goals for your annual plans. Find out how you can effectively apply a simple

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