My Dream

My Dream by Meverly Adjhei Benjmain book cover art

"A gripping novel that follows the struggles of one woman through adversity to be able to achieve her dream."

Have you ever felt hopeless, alone, heartbroken, and alienated?


My DreamMeverly Adjhei Benjamin‘s smashing debut is an immersive autobiographical memoir uncovering a heartbreaking struggle through the pain of betrayal and separation to rock bottom.


Alienated by her community after a scandalous divorce, seeing her entire support system shatter and juvenile dreams crushing mercilessly, she can’t help the thoughts of discontinuing her life.


“My Dream” is a powerful testimony of a woman who nearly lost everything: her dream, her marriage, and her hope, but suddenly found the inner strength to fight back.


Following the heroine’s breathtaking journey, will not only extinguish the fire of hope for those who struggle, but also teach you the art of overcoming any adversity that life throws at you, guaranteed.


A scholar, entrepreneur, and financial crime expert privy to the backdoors of the world’s largest banks, companies, and even government agencies, the stories Meverly Adjhei Benjamin brings to the table are golden.


Being a regular contributor to dozens of outlets including Yahoo, International Business Times, Fox & others, Meverly became a true beacon of hope not only for black underprivileged women, but anyone who faces challenges of gender, race, and other forms of bias and injustice.