Hands up Don’t Shoot- Ethnic Profiling

Hands up Don’t Shoot – Ethnic Profiling

Institutional racism and discrimination is something that has been ongoing for many years. No matter how many protests or civil rights leaders fight for a change, we as a society are still a long way from victory. A shocking event that took the world by a storm was the murder of Black American man George Floyd. Not only was his death a result of ethnic profiling and racism, but his death was treated as just “another black man killed”. A policeman kneeled on his neck and blocked his airway,  ultimately causing his death. This case goes to show justice was not rightfully served.

How can we as a society trust the government if the government fails to protect us and our basic human rights? Individuals, especially migrants, are constantly profiled or going through security and public checks. Not only is this very frustrating, heartbreaking and confusing, but we are also victims, who are refused to be acknowledged as victims by society. The need for protection and basic human rights is something that won’t change overnight. However, if we do work together, we can hope for change.

Listen here >> Hands Up- Don’t Shoot


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