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Meverly Benjamin

Meverly Adjhei Benjamin is an expert in her field who passionately provides knowledge on finance, international corporate government ecosystem and lifestyle (family, love and intercultural matters).

As a dexterous writer per excellence, Meverly Adjhei Benjamin has written and published her first book, titled ‘My Dream’. This is a true-life gripping story of a young girl who scaled through life’s hurdles, and transited from obscurity into limelight. Meverly Adjhei Benjamin hasn’t stopped at that first publication, but has continued to write more articles, publications and books to positively influence humanity.

In our world of today where there are jurisdictions and guiding principles that govern them, it is dangerous for anyone to live, act or make decisions without consulting a legal expert. Having obtained the relevant certificates, with exposure across different countries, Meverly Adjhei Benjamin provides top-notch legal advisory and consultancy services to clients. This covers the provision of litigation services, providing legal advice, assisting in handling disputes, analysing and identifying the legal issues, drafting the legal documents, maintaining correspondence, and many more within the legal framework.

Through a combination of experiential, theoretical and academic knowledge. She is a highly impactful motivational speaker whose speech at events stirs the audience up to scale higher heights in their fields of endeavour. She is an expert in getting people motivated and incentivised to do something more with their lives and careers. She delivers her speeches in a wide array of different environments including schools, churches, community events, government agencies, special events, trade-shows, and conferences. As an icing on the cake she has the ability to speak with interested parties after her speech and often answers questions and provides consultation.